IBM to Invest in Notes Domino 10 and Beyond: What Does This Mean For Us..

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IBM’s recent announcement of their plans to invest in Notes Domino 10 and Beyond is great news for Domino advocates like myself. IBM plans to continue innovation in the collaboration space by investing in the Domino product family – Domino, Notes, Sametime and Verse. The recent commitment to Domino into 2018 and beyond has been made possible due to a recent partnership between IBM and HCL Technologies.

“To show IBM’s level of commitment to stakeholders, the company is entering into a strategic partnership with HCL Technologies to begin delivering on the roadmap with the intent to release version 10 of the Domino portfolio next year. The goal of the partnership is to drive future development of the Domino product family, energize the offering, and protect clients’ investments.”

So what does this new announcement mean for long time Domino users?


Going back to February at IBM Connect 2017, IBM made a big announcement that they planned to release Feature Packs and support only for the Domino product family. While this was good news at the time, I am fairly postivite that the plans for Domino 10 and beyond brings not only joy but also a bit of relief to organizations leveraging Domino.

In a time where migrations off the platform are on the rise, this is a huge step in the right direction by IBM to enable organizations to continuing leveraging their Domino investments.

New Partner Relationships

IBM’s recent partnership with HCL Technologies will help them develop the new release as well as many other products including:

  • IBM Notes and Domino
  • IBM SmartCloud Notes
  • IBM Notes Traveler
  • IBM Mobile Connect
  • IBM Verse
  • IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO)
  • IBM Enterprise Integrator (LEI)
  • IBM Sametime portfolio
  • IBM Connections Chat/Meetings
  • IBM Client Access (ICAA)


But what does this mean for current IBM customers and business partners? Well, thankfully the anwser is pretty simple, nothing. Customers and business partners will continue to engage with IBM as they previously have before. IBM plans to avoid as much distruption as possible with their existing client relationships. The new partnership seemed necessary for IBM due to stragetic reasons but it is a good sign they are making an effort to respect their existing client and partner relationships as they move forward.

Existing Partner Relationships

Thinking back again to Feburary at IBM Connect 2017, there was a lot of focus on IBM Connections and the ‘Pink’ release. So the obvious question arises of “how will this affect existing partnerships?”. While it is not yet confirmed, but it seems that the existing Cisco and Box relationships with contiue to be handled within IBM. Again, great news, especially for IBM Connection users who are anticipating new enhancements.

Domino 2025 Jam

In my opinion, the upcoming Domino 2025 Jam is one of the most exciting aspects of this announcement.

“As a component of the partnership, IBM and HCL are unveiling the Domino 2025 Jam to gather feedback and suggestions that will shape the future of this portfolio. Activities such as interactive face-to-face workshops in select cities worldwide, virtual events that drive broad participation, and user group events and “pop-up” meetings on-demand will be part of the Domino 2025 program.”

These community engagements intend to give users the change to offer feedback and their input on the future direction of the Domino product family. I really like this gesture by IBM to invlove the organizations who are actually leveraging these technologies in planning for the future. Who better to offer feedback than those who are leveraging the solutions themselves. These workshops are another example of IBM trying to put their clients and partners first as they develop the future of Domino.

Make sure to get your voice heard and RSVP for the Domino 2025 Jam

Me Personally

Well, it’s pretty clear that this announcment is great news to me, due to my expertise and passion for developing around the Domino platform. My server monitoring and reporting solution, VitalSigns, has helped many Domino organizations optimize the performance of their IT infrastructures. I am looking forward to add enhancements to VitalSigns that will align with the new, and bright, future of Domino. Being able to continue to develop on a platform that I love and know very well brings me a lot of joy. Overall I have high hopes for the future of Domino but only time will tell the true story of success.

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