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IBM’s recent announcement of their plans to invest in Notes Domino 10 and Beyond is great news for Domino advocates like myself. IBM plans to continue innovation in the collaboration space by investing in the Domino product family – Domino, Notes, Sametime and Verse. The recent commitment to Domino into 2018 and beyond has been..

Why Organizations Need Full Stack Monitoring for IBM Domino   The IBM Domino Platform is known for its robust capacity of email and collaboration solutions. Like many platforms it has been through some fairly steep changes over the years with the focus lately on a more engaging way of collaborating. The platform that delivers email,..

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Free Domino Data with Web APIs Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are widely used in our everyday lives, whether you are aware of it or not. For example, while viewing the website of the new restaurant you see its location on an embedded Google map; you have just interacted with the Google Maps API. Companies leverage..

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For those of you who missed it, we hosted a webinar along with NotesCode to publicly demo the new VitalSigns Plus

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In the course of facilitating an evaluation with a potential customer, we performed a ‘findings review’ where we walked the customer through the potential issues that VitalSigns had discovered.  One thing was a surprise for us, and I’ll let you look at the screen shot to enjoy it yourself.   Domino never ceases to amaze me. ..

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As an evolving species we never cease in our pursuit of the sublime and the mundane.  With that thought in mind we embarked to IBM Connect 2013. We will first note that this year marks the completed metamorphosis from black and yellow to IBM blue.  For proof all one needs to do is look to..

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A new option is now available on the Overall Health tab right-click menu.  If a Domino server row is selected, a new option “Domino Deep Dive…” now shows.  Clicking that brings a modal dialog box with lots of current information about the server and at a glance mini-charts that show how various metrics have varied..

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I haven’t posted in a while, and I wanted to bring you all up to date. One of our newer customers has 60 servers all over the world, and scanning all those servers sequentially just wasn’t working.    (Some servers took several minutes to respond.)   So we  tweaked and tested our algorithms and now..

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Based on feedback from a customer who was having a real challenge with server tasks on one of his Domino servers, we have improved the way we communicate Domino Server Task status.  Now the information is clearly displayed in its own tab in VitalStatus, with a distinction of what is running and what is monitored…

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One of our prospects has servers across Europe and in the states too.  He wanted to send alerts to the central support group for every server, and also to the local administrator for those servers for which the local admin was responsible.   He did not want the administrators in one country to get alerts for..