New Features in VitalSigns – Support for Microsoft On-Prem, DAG, and More!

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New Features in VitalSigns – Support for Microsoft On-Prem, DAG, and More!

ibm domino server monitoring new features

The engineers behind VitalSigns are always trying to add new features and fix bugs to ensure a smooth user experience. Client input is a big driver of innovation within VitalSigns, so please feel free to send feedback to

Below are the new features and enhancements for the month of September in VitalSigns.

New Features


1.) Added Support for Microsoft On-Premise and Database Availability Group.

2.) Added ability to see which devices have not synced within a specific time period.

3.) Added the Right-Click/Scan option in the Server List

The Right-Click/Scan feature currently only works in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer Environments

4.) Added a Test button to test the SMTP settings for Alerts.

5.) Added a back-up feature to the MongoDB database, to combat unexpected shutdown data loss.

6.) Added the Executive Summary page back from 3.X.


Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue where the pending mail widget on the dashboard did not reflect the actual amount of mail.
  • Fixed a typo in the Server Availability Index report.
  • Fixed an issue where disk space percentage would display 100x smaller than it’s actual value.
  • Fixed an issue where disk space alerts would show the percentage as 100x larger than it’s actual value.


  • Fixed an issue where only one disk could be monitored per server, now multiple disks can be selected without error.
  • Fixed an issue with DateUtils on international servers.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Tasks tab on a Domino Server in the Server List would Soft Lock VitalSigns


Quick Summary

Added Support for Microsoft On-Prem, and DAG. Added additional mobile device monitoring tools, and added another way to scan servers. Several bugs fixed

For more information on new VitalSigns updates check out:

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