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We improved the Cluster Health tab.   The quickest way to see these improvements is to watch a short shockwave demo .   (No, it doesn’t have sound). There are two big improvements. 1) Now the cluster names are color-coded so you can see at a glance which clusters have issues, just as the disk health is..

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When you set up Domino cluster monitoring using Servers & Devices, a Cluster Report will automatically be created on each scan, and stored in the \HTML directory.   In the reports module, select the report “Cluster Status: Name” where Name is the name you assigned to the cluster when you configured it.  The button “View Report”..

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Domino Server Clusters keep service levels high and enable you to perform maintenance on a Domino server without angering end users.   The Domino server uses an internal statistic called Server.AvailabilityIndex to determine whether users should fail over or not—a value of 100 means the server is 100% available, while a value of 0 means the..