5 Key Areas of Lotus Domino Server Health

Overall Health



VitalSigns independently verifies that Domino servers will respond to Notes client requests– the most important thing that end users care about– because it is a Notes client. It tracks response time and warns you when the server is getting sluggish.VitalSigns automatically watches over key health statistics such as Server.Availability, Mem.Availability and Transaction Logging.

Mail Health

VitalSigns detects Pending and Dead Mail pileups by directly querying the mail.box files to absolutely make sure that the mail is flowing. You can even send test mail messages between servers for delivery metrics.

VitalSigns can also automatically delete dead mail, if desired.

IBM recommends that administrators periodically take the value of (Mail.Mailbox.AccessConflicts / Mail.Mailbox.Accesses) x 100 to determine if an additional mail.box file is needed. Who has time for this? VitalSigns does it automatically!

VitalSigns can produce a graph showing the biggest mail files across your enterprise or on specific servers.

Cluster Health

VitalSigns automatically watches over the right metrics such as Replica.Cluster.SecondsOnQueue and Replica.Cluster.WorkQueueDepth to make sure that your cluster replicators are keeping up with their work load. If they aren’t, and users fail over, key information could be missing and the help desk will get swamped with calls. Be prepared.

VitalSigns also makes sure that there is a replica of each database across cluster members, and can produce a report showing the document count and database sizes.

As the Server.Availiabiliy approaches the Server.AvailablityThreshold, your Domino server is getting closer to failing over Notes clients to another server. VitalSigns detects this and lets you know.

Server Task Health

If the Domino server were a living body, then the server tasks would be the vital organs. A typical Domino server may have dozens of server tasks running at any given moment, such Agent Manager, HTTP, and Traveler, and Router. You need to make sure that they are all OK.

VitalSigns verifies and manages Domino Server Tasks, which means that it can automatically start missing tasks, stop prohibited tasks, detect task hangs, and even restart the server if key tasks are hung.

If your organization is running server tasks for compliance purposes, you can’t take the chance that task might not be running!

Disk Health

Disk problems can bring a Domino server down or cause significant performance problems. VitalSigns automatically watches over available disk space, average queue length, and disk utilization, and warns you before trouble can strike.