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Experience the new and improved release of VitalSigns with this quick overview video created by Vitalsigns creator and IBM Champion, Alan Forbes. Featuring a completely rebuilt user interface to allow for quick assessment of the entire environment from a unified, color coded dashboard. As a comprehensive monitoring tool for all enterprise environments, including IBM Connections,..

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We’ve been poking around with jQuery, which happens to play nice with Domino, and we decided to use it to spice up the mobile edition of VitalStatus.  With just a couple of hours of work, we got some really nice affects that those of you with Apple and Android devices are sure to love.   You..

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Thanks to a suggestion from one of our customers, we’ve added a new feature to the VitalStatus database for browser users.   Now as you are looking at Domino server details, there is a new tab called “Web Admin” . Clicking this tab will launch the web admin client for that server in an iframe within..

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I posted a new video today, How to Upgrade to the latest VitalStatus database design.