About VitalSigns

VitalSigns™ was designed to excel at monitoring Domino servers.  VitalSigns continuously checks the status of every server or service your users depend on.  When it detects a problem, it sends an alert to the appropriate person.  It also captures performance statistics that can be used to produce reports and graphs.

Our knowledge of Domino runs very deep.  For example, if the Domino statistic Database.RM.SinceStartup.Critical.Log.Times exceeds a hundred, your server is probably going to crash soon.  Why? Because your server has insufficient space for transaction logging.   VitalSigns will detect that condition before it strikes and disrupts your users and warn you about it.

Here’s another example:  IBM recommends that administrators periodically take the value of (Mail.Mailbox.AccessConflicts / Mail.Mailbox.Accesses) x 100 to determine if an additional mail.box file is needed.   Realistically, when was the last time you did that?   Such a task is much better suited for a tool like VitalSigns.  If your server needs another mail.box file, VitalSigns will notice and let you know.

VitalSigns is designed to detect  a variety of looming crashes and threats that no other tool can because over the years our singular focus on Domino server health and optimization  has allowed us to code our insights into VitalSigns.   Now your company can leverage those insights everyday with VitalSigns.

Domino is a unique platform and requires a monitoring tool designed specifically for it.

I have been installing and administering Notes since version 2.01—long enough to attend over 12 Lotuspheres and a dozen or more VIEW events and I’ve put that experience into a tool so your organization can benefit from our experience in a cost-effective way. VitalSigns gives you what you need—peace of mind that Domino is working fine—and advanced warning when it is not fine.